The Importance of Play!
"Outdoor play on Jungle Gyms equipment exercises the muscles and the minds to support all your child's development needs."

At Priority Joinery :
-> We will carry out a free survey of the area and explore your wants and needs for the playset
-> We will work with you to offer the best playset for you depending on number of children in the household and ages
-> We will support you in explaining the differences between the 17 different playsets, and what modules work with which ones best
-> If site is not appropriate, we can discuss options and carry out associated groundworks in advance of constructing the playset
-> We will arrange delivery for all timber, kit, slides, swings etc to your house so no need to pick-up
-> We will construct on site for best results, including cutting timber and positioning all bolts and add-on peripherals
-> We WON'T leave until you're happy with your new Jungle Gyms!
Jungle Gyms constructed by Priority Joinery
Children's outdoor playsets can achieve more than simply keeping your child happy and quiet!

Research has shown that children operating their motor skills through the use of such toys as Jungle Gyms playsets, will be less prone to childhood obesity, street crime, more content, sleep better and less irritable during the day.
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Covering Belfast, Lisburn and all surrounding areas
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                                   Covering Belfast, Lisburn and all surrounding areas